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16 February 2030 @ 03:14 pm

[banner by vaguelyclear]

...do i really mean that?

well, APPARENTLY its the new thing around here to cut people from your friends list for no apparent reason. SO, me and kaela decided to make our journals friends only now which shouldnt be an issue becuase well, the only people who read my stuff are on my f-list haha.

sooo yeahh, im not gonna go through all that "im only gonna add you if we have common interest like blahblahblah" crap. just comment ↓ and im pretty sure i'll add you no matter what because im a nice person like that :)

OH! and i just made an intro post here that you guys can read (if you want) hhahaha. idk. i think its interesting~

have fun kiddies!
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18 September 2029 @ 02:48 pm
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so, as you all know, me and kaela [kaelakaelakaela] are best friends. when i say best friends, i dont mean we hang out once a week and occasionally do fun things. no no no. i mean legit best friends. we are seriously always together and doing stupid things haha. well, we're stamping addicts and one day while looking through our stamp lists, we realized that about 99% of all the characters we are stamped as are related in some way, shape, or form. most of them are best friends in their respective movies but some are mother/son, brother/sister, animal/person i mean , you get it haha. soo, THATS what this picspam is all about! best friends! only about 4 of the one in here are the ones we've been stamped as but hey, who DOESNT like best friends right? i tried using at least one movie from every team so it showed variety =) oh! for fun, comment and see if you can guess which ones kaesav got stamped as! i need that kind of excitement in my life hahahah. so, without further ado, i give you
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17 February 2010 @ 01:49 am
well guys, you KNEW it was coming. but theres a twist! this time, me and kaela didnt start this comm! our good friend nicole (nicolle_016) did! and lemme tell yah, your gonna be hella excited for this one!


thats right! you read it right!
this lovely banner was created by kaela to help promote the lovely community called hp_stamps!

this comm is all about the totally badass series harry potter (if your slow on the uptake like SOME i know :P)

now, i know what your thinking! isnt this what hh_stamping is for?
WRONG! this comm, while it may share SOME similarities, we wont be allowing posting once a month so people cant get upset if they miss the queue :/

so come on over guys! and join this amazingly awesome community!

oh, i forgot to say, me, kaela, and nicole mod this, DUH and were nice people :) so dont be afraid to ask us questions!

and when you get bored, go check out our other comms!
lionk_stamps: ALL ABOUT THE LION KING!
disneymovierate: ALL ABOUT DISNEY MOVIES!

now go have fun guys! :)
13 February 2010 @ 06:14 pm
well, as you all know, me and mahhh BFF kaela tend to get bored alot and when we do, good things happen for the oh so wonderful stampers of livejournal :)

this time, we made ANOTHER new comm hahahaha
its called bway_stamp and its a badass community all about on-broadway AND off-brodway musicals!

we are seriously in love with musicals and this comm was the pefect way for us to show that! :)

so go on over there and get the party started!!

also, as you all SHOULD know (is that bitchy?) we run a few other comms to and we need you guys to show them a little love:

disneymovierate is our stamping commnity all about disney! (movies :p). we just released two NEW themes last night. those themes are the PERSONAL FAVORITE movies of kaela and i because we straight up CHANNEL the main characters! those new themes are: the lion king and the little mermaid :))

swan_stamps the the community all about the movie swan princess. its run by me, kaela, and our good friend nicole (nicolle_016). this comm is still fairly new and we have ONE theme: songs from the first swan princess movie. sooo, go help this community grow guys!

lionk_stamps is the OTHER badass disney comm that me and kaela run :) its all about our shit the lion king! hahah. we love that movie to pieces. we just released a new theme over there on super bowl sunday (which was last sunday im pretty sure) and it was the songs from lion king 1 theme :) we also have, real animal theme, lion king 2 theme, and the basic, badass, lion king theme. soo, go help that out too guys hahah. we wanna have ALOT of members.

soo thats it (for now).
you guys know how me and kaela get when we are together and bored so expect MORE great things from us haha.

remember to go help out those comms and check out the affliates for more great stuff!
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13 February 2010 @ 03:28 am
well, me and kaela are sitting here BORED AS HELL (not anymore though haha) and we start looking at uberta's new post and we scrolled through her stamps. we were kind of amazed that she ALWAYS got marina and like, she always got about 3-4 of the same character like, meg(ara) and sophia.

this got us thinking, what are WE like???
soo we went through our stamps and tallied them up and here are the results!
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so bascially, this is me hahahah
this was exhilerating!
to see the rest click here!
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06 February 2010 @ 12:08 am
well, its a major blizzard outside right now, kaela can barely open anything on her crappy computer because it might shut down on her again, and im bored as shit. that means its time for a journal. thank you uberta for inspirirng me to write this BECAUSE im bored :)

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02 February 2010 @ 08:05 pm
so, this is my funny icon post.

im quite bored so im gonna make this to look at when i need a laugh or whenever me or someone else needs a funny icon :))

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okay, so this is the rupert grint fangirly post you all have been waiting for hahah.

its gonna include just what i said it gonna include, pictures of rupert grint!!

its one of THREE, thats right, count em, THREE posts

post #1: fangirl swoon rupert grint post

post #2: rupert grint/everything harry potter related but mostly rupert grint icon post (im going to add to it when i get more but i already have a buttload hahah)

post #3 disney icons/anything i found funny lmao

sooo, here we go!!

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01 February 2010 @ 03:33 pm
basically, im bored and i needed something to do so im making a list of all the couples i ship:

ROGER/MIMI (hahah)



harry/ginny (i love them i just, love the first three more hahah)

anthony rapp/kevin jonas
anthony rapp needs to get a REAL job and get a boyfrann

is that it?

oh well, i guess im adding when people suggest things that i like haah

oh and comment for the commenters,
none of that sirius/remus, snape/hermoine shit is going in here hahah
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